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As one of the leading pipeline suppliers in the Caribbean region,  FRP G&C is active in various sectors with ever-evolving requirements. We concentrate on developing our business around strong relationships with our clients by going far beyond just supplying pipe but assisting in meeting economic and industrial challenges that are a reality in the industry.

We are the supplier of Conley Corporation, piping systems; a company with over 50 years experience in the frp piping industry. As co-inventors of corrosion resistant piping, Conley is the industry leader, worldwide in frp piping systems with a proven track record of excelling in the most difficult conditions.

Conley Corporation: "As industry leaders from the inception of the FRP Piping Industry, we held world patents and manufactured the first filament wound FRP (GRP) Fittings and Valves in the world. As we developed in our original research, our unique three-stage manufacturing process using multi-resin composite technology provides our diverse customer base with optimum piping system internal and external corrosion resistance performance, and the additional advantage of a greater margin of structural safety at elevated temperatures."

Since there is broad overlap in resin performance, FRP G&C interfaces with design engineers and product end users to assist in the selection of the corrosion barrier resin that provides the optimum system performance for their specific fluid, gas or slurry transport needs in the most cost efficient manner.

Conley Corporation is unique in offering our customers a congruous piping system. The standard internal corrosion barrier of Conley Piping System components is a minimum double synthetic veil reinforced for superior corrosion resistance, in accordance with the recommendations of the resin manufacturers in common caustic and Hydrochloric acid environments.

Unlike most other piping manufacturers, the standard structural cage of all Conley Systems is constructed with aromatic amine cured Epoxy with an HDT over 300F. This outstanding feature provides superior high temperature safety and structural performance developed through the use of multi-resin composite technology unique to our piping systems.

Finally, Conley Pipe, Fittings, and Basket Strainers are all encapsulated in a standard Nexus reinforced external corrosion barrier, which provides corrosion resistance for spillage, greater impact resistance, custom color for line code designation, and resistance to degradation by UV light.

FRP G&C offers a turnkey sevice of: full design, supply + install capabilities for all Conley Corparation piping systems. We have a strong reputation for balancing global excellence with local delivery within the piping industry.