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pultruded fiberglass


aquagrate brochure

FRP G&C| Fibergrate's Aqua Grate® T1210 and T1215 pultruded pedestrian grating is specifically engineered to withstand the corrosive conditions associated with recreational and general marine applications. Aqua Grate’s unique combination of corrosion resistance and light weight provides easy, inexpensive installation in such facilities as swimming pools, water parks, marinas and piers. With a nominal 1/4"space between the 1-1/2" wide bearing bars, Aqua Grate offers optimum comfort and safety for bathers walking with bare feet — a must in high traffic public recreational areas.

Aqua Grate is available in a variety of lengths and widths, making it useful for a number of marine applications. Aqua Grate’s fine grit-top surface provides a high level of slip resistance, yet at the same time, offers a comfortable walking surface. Protection against long-term UV exposure is provided by a highly reflective synthetic surfacing veil and UV inhibitors in the resin formulation. Whether subjected to chlorinated water in public and private pools or salt water environments found in marine and waterfront applications, Aqua Grate will offer years of low-cost, virtually maintenance-free service.

Safe-T-Span® Grating Resin Systems

Safe-T-Span pultruded grating is available in two resin formulations for an accurate match of product characteristics with the application. Both resin systems provide corrosion resistance that is superior to that offered by metal grating.

• ISOFR — This isophthalic polyester resin formulation provides a low flame spread rating of 15 or less and is designed for applications where there is moderate exposure to corrosive elements.

 • VEFR — With a flame spread of 15 or less, this vinyl ester resin system provides dependable resistance to both acidic and alkaline environments.